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Offensive - Security

Ricerca Security was founded in Dec. 2019
by hackers awarded in security competitions (CTFs)
and researchers worked on security R&D at research institutions.
We provide R&D and consultation services
that leverage state-of-the-art offensive security technologies.

We provide a wide range of offensive security services
tailored to the diversified needs of customers.
We propose solutions based on a thorough attacker's perspective
and a research-based thinking for the needs of
identifying security risks and testing current measures.

SERVICE - 事業内容
  • Research and
    R&D towards automated exploitation/post-exploitation
  • Vulnerability assessment/
    Penetration test
    Pseudo-attacks by top-tier CTF players with real-world experience
  • Consulting
    In-depth support for solving difficult security issues
  • Training
    Tailor-made training going through the shortest path to learning hacker’s way of thinking
研究開発 Research and Development
脆弱性診断/ペネトレーションテスト Vulnerability assessment/Penetration test
コンサルティング Consulting
トレーニング Training

RESULTS サービス提供実績

  • NDIAS, Ltd. is working in the field of the automotive security, and provides the services including a security evalution of in-vehicle equipments and technology consulting to our customers. Although the security needs for that has increased year by year as a connected service joining vehicles and external systems together spreads, there was the lack of the resources available compared to their needs. We entrusted a part of our propositions including a technical survey to Ricerca Security Inc. since not only we have been familiar with their members for a long time, but also they are known to have top-tier skills in Japan. They achieved more than excepted for such entrusted surveys in the limited amount of time, and it also resulted in a higher level of our customer satisfaction. We believe that the security needs for automotives will continue to be high. We would like to keep co-operating with Ricerca Security Inc., and providing high quality security services to our customers.

  • We, Seven & i Holdings Co, Ltd., organize security and vulnerability assessments for our group companies. Every day, we check if the systems that handle customer information are taking security measures and operating without vulnerabilities under each service provided by our group companies. Under such circumstances, we asked Ricerca Security Inc. for security assessments for especially important systems dealing with personal information since they offer security services based on their high technological capabilities. Specifically, they carried out security assessments from internal logic of the system to the program syntax and contributed to spot and resolve vulnerabilities before releasing to a production environment. We and Ricerca Security Inc. are going to sign the contract for extensive supports not only for vulnerability assessments, but also for a consulting to strengthen our groups’ security management system with their expertise.


  • Ren Kimura

    After studying abroad at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), he started Ricerca Security, the first company in Japan specializing in offensive security.
    The fuzzer he proposed and developed at CMU discovered 16 vulnerabilities in 9 well-known software, including GNU binutils. 12 of which were assigned to CVEs.
    His other activities include IPA Mitou Super Creator (2016), lecturer at the nation-sponsored Security Camp (2017, 2019, 2020, 2021) and lecturer at the Global Cybersecurity Camp (2020), and Google Summer of Code (2017).

  • Yuma Kurogome

    He started his career at Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation in 2017, where he worked on R&D for malware analysis and detection. He has experience from launching research to getting papers accepted in challenging venues to the social implementation of research results through industry-academia collaborations. 2021 to his current position, he is responsible for technology strategy.
    His other activities include lecturer at Security Camp (2015, 2016), lecturer at Global Cybersecurity Camp (2020), etc.


We are looking for members working together
at the forefront of cyber security.


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Company Name Ricerca Security, Inc.
Founded December 4, 2019
CEO Ren Kimura
Employees 23 (full-time: 10)
Location 6F Hongo Tsuna Bldg.,
6-17-9 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
113-0033 Japan