Consulting and Miscellaneous Services


Consulting and Miscellaneous Services

Ricerca Security consists of members with diverse backgrounds who have proven their abilities through presentations at international conferences, training for large groups, R&D at top-tier research institutions and universities, and large-scale software development.


Our industry-leading expertise is available in the form of consulting and training services. Development of specialized tools and infrastructure according to your needs can also be provided. From details regarding our mainline products and services to highly customized providings such as penetration testing under unique circumstances or developer support, feel free to contact us.


Pricing and Licensing

Consulting is billed per day, and development is billed per man-month.


    Our exploit development team has extensive experience with a wide range of targets and deep, up-to-date understanding of offensive security methodology. Members include leaders of "binja" and "TokyoWesterns", two of the best teams in Japan participating in Capture the Flag (CTF) hacking competitions. They have achieved top-notch performance in a large number of CTFs including DEFCON CTF.


    Cutting-edge Offensive Security and Countermeasures



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    Incident Response and Digital Forensics

    Malware Analysis


    Members of our team include those who have been at top research labs at institutions such as Carnegie Mellon University and Arizona State University where they did R&D of software testing.


    The systems they have built have found vulnerabilities in a large number of well-known Open Source Software (OSS), and have been assigned 12 CVEs. Our products can not only be used for vulnerability assessment but can also be part of the Continuous Integration (CI) workflow.


    We provide a wide range of solutions from penetration testing to DevSecOps support.


    Vulnerability Discovery and Continuous Integration

    Software Testing


    While we handle a wide range of abstraction layers from applications, middleware, and hardware, we are especially knowledgeable of system software such as operating systems, hypervisors, and firmware. Our team is made up of contributors to OSS such as Linux, Xen, and QEMU and have experience developing device drivers, CPUs, compilers, operating systems, and hypervisors from scratch. Feel free to contact us if you have a unique environment complicating security evaluation, and we will see what we can do.



    Operating Systems, Hypervisors, Firmware, and Compilers

    System Software


    Our team also includes data science and combinatorial optimization experts as well. Prior to joining us, they have worked at AI unicorn startups on endpoint security utilizing machine learning and have competed in prestigious competitive programming contests such as ICPC World Finals.


    Advice on how to analyze large volumes of logs or utilize malware samples, or data science based approaches to improving security are just a few examples of what we can provide.


    Machine Learning / Algorithm


    Our members have experience providing specialized training to various audiences including at Security Camp, hosted by Japan's Information-technology Promotion Agency. They have also organized large CTFs to critical acclaim among top-class CTF players worldwide and have written books and articles on relevant topics. We are ready to provide training and course material optimized for you needs.


    Material Preparation and Courses



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