We Begin Offering Cybersecurity Training for Professionals

Wed Mar 08 2023

We have released our cybersecurity training courses for professionals.
Ricerca Security has a proven track record of providing training courses to a wide range of clients including the defense sector and security companies. We offer training courses that promotes in-depth knowledge and practical skills in cutting-edge cybersecurity technology. The training menu is organized to provide step-by-step learning of vulnerability analysis and attack methods, from simple programs to browsers. Customized training is also available upon request.

Training Menu

The following menu is offered:

Operational Exploit Debugging Level 1-3

Learn various types of vulnerabilities and exploit methods, and master how to debug and fix the exploit.

Practical Browser Exploitation

Learn systematized knowledge of the security mechanisms and vulnerabilities of modern browsers, as well as specific attack methods to exploit the vulnerabilities.

Practical Greybox Fuzzing

Learn about fuzzing, an automatic technique for finding bugs and vulnerabilities. This is a rare opportunity to learn directly from Japan's leading researchers on fuzzing who has published papers adopted by the top-level international conferences.

Customized Training

We offer a variety of training courses tailored to your needs. We also provide training for management and developers, not just for cybersecurity engineers.

Detailed information in Japanese is here:


If you are interested in our courses, please contact us from the contact form.

For Managers

Our training is based on a thorough attacker's perspective. The instructors have experience in national-level talent development projects as well as providing training for clients such as government agencies and security companies, which enables them to respond to detailed technical questions and inquiries.

All of our courses are designed to provide insight and knowledge that cannot be gained from existing training or security certifications. For example, we cover unpublished vulnerabilities, troubleshooting of red-team tools in complex and realistic environments, and the latest techniques not covered in books. Attendees can improve their skills in penetration testing, security research, and software testing through our training courses