We begin offering contract and collaborative research services

Mon Mar 13 2023

We have released our contract research and collaborative research services. We fully utilize our research execution capabilities, which have been recognized by large-scale competitive research funds and competitive international conferences, to examine and verify solutions tailored to our clients. With a focus on cyber security and system programming fields in which we specialize, we provide a range of services such as funding applications, research proposals, and PoC.

Service menu

The following menu is offered:

Contract research and collaborative research
We conduct research and report results to clients.
Technical investigation, verification, and introduction support
We help verify the feasibility of new ideas and the effectiveness that can be obtained. We can also handle commercial product testing.
Development support
We support the implementation and evaluation of each step in the PoC.
Application support for Japanese research funding
We support the application of research funds in Japan with our experience in securing large competitive research funds and being employed as a prime contractor in national projects.
Tailor-made R&D
We propose solutions tailored to your requests. We can also handle R&D and debugging support with short delivery times.

Detailed information in Japanese is here:

For those considering using our services

We aim to realize the model of American start-ups dealing with cutting-edge cyber security technology in a form suitable for Japan. Our staff includes not only academics but also top winners of security contests and competitive programming contests, allowing us to fulfill a wide variety of requests.

Our R&D partners include government agencies and overseas companies. In particular, we have received a research budget of 760 million JPY for research commissioned by the Innovative Science and Technology Initiative for Security (*1), and have received an interim evaluation result of Rank A (research results beyond expectations) through the acceptance of a paper at a competitive international conference (*2) and the winning the best paper award (*3). In addition, we are involved in PoC for several major corporate groups.

Based on our experience of being adopted for a research project commissioned by the Acquisition, Technology & Logistics Agency in Japan with only four employees soon after the company was founded and establishing a research system, we are also capable of making proposals for startups and small and medium-sized corporate clients.

*1: Acquisition, Technology & Logistics Agency, Innovative Science and Technology Initiative for Security 2020 (JPJ004596).

*2: Yuki Koike, Hiroyuki Katsura, Hiromu Yakura, and Yuma Kurogome. SLOPT: Bandit Optimization Framework for Mutation-Based Fuzzing. ACSAC 2022. https://dl.acm.org/doi/abs/10.1145/3564625.3564659

*3: Keisuke Nishimura, Yuichi Sugiyama, Yuki Koike, Masaya Motoda, Tomoya Kitagawa, Toshiki Takatera, and Yuma Kurogome. RCABench: Open Benchmarking Platform for Root Cause Analysis. NDSS BAR 2023, Best Paper Award. https://bar2023.github.io/program