Qualifying for the DEF CON CTF 2023 Finals

Thu Jun 08 2023

The qualifying CTF event for the world’s largest hacking competition, DEF CON CTF, took place from May 27th to 29th. It was an even more challenging CTF compared to last year, as only the top 11 teams out of the 535 teams from around the world were able to advance to the finals. Our company has many CTF players from various CTF teams, and they collaborated with their teams once again last year. Together, we formed a joint team named “undef1ned” and participated in the qualifiers for DEF CON CTF 2023.

As a result of intense competition against professional CTF teams from around the world, including organized groups and large teams consisting of dozens of members, our team, with members from our company, achieved a qualification for the finals, securing the 11th position worldwide (1st in Japan).

We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who participated in various ways, transcending the boundaries of companies and universities.

In our company, we actively support the participation of employees and part-time staff in security events such as CTFs and conferences, with the aim of enhancing their job performance and capabilities. We had opened our office to the team members so that they can gather and play the CTF. Furthermore, for the employees and part-time staff who participated in this event, we will provide support for travel and transportation cost to the finals from our company.