Find new value
of offensive security

Advanced R&D, competitive CTFs, and experience in complex and diverse real-world environments–Offensive security technologies,
which we continue to enhance through all these opportunities,
are the source of value for us. As specialized individuals in this field,
we are looking for people who can solve tough problems together.
From a unique position in the industry, why not push the security industry to the next stage?


With reasonable problem settings,
keep searching for an essential solution

We, Ricerca Security, respect each member's expertise
and create new values of offensive security from the horizon where they intersect.
To solve the difficult problems that appear in the process,
we need not only to master the technology but also to redefine the frame of the problem at times.
Therefore, we entrust the future of our company and the future of the security industry
to those who have a will to continue to cultivate their own expertise and have a purposeful flexibility.


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